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Firm Overview

Small in Size; Full-Scale in Resources

Unlike large firms seeking to be all things to all clients, our practice is highly concentrated. This allows Guttenmacher, Bohatch & Peñaranda, P.A.’s attorney to remain fully focused on the latest developments and best practices in their select fields. To complement this approach, we put at every client’s disposal a network of top accounting, investment, financial planning and business management professionals. Furthermore, acting in the capacity of family or in-house counsel, our services include business and financial oversight to ensure all initiatives support the client’s long-term tax and estate planning objectives.

It is worth noting that our practice is almost entirely driven by referrals from clients and fellow attorneys as well as CPAs, stockbrokers, certified financial planners, and insurance and business management professionals. Considering the importance of the legal matters at issue and the millions of dollars in assets at stake, this third-party endorsement is a testament to the high regard in which Guttenmacher, Bohatch & Peñaranda, P.A. is held by both the clients we serve and the professionals with whom we collaborate on each client’s behalf.

Taking the Next Step

We understand the importance of entrusting your personal and business assets to the right law firm. When it comes to planning for the future and dealing with tax matters in the present, there are difficult issues involved. There are also sensitive family dynamics to consider that call for an attorney-client relationship defined by candor and open communication. As the objective is to forge an alliance with attorneys who will serve both you and your successors, selecting the best firm for the job is a major decision with far-reaching implications. At Guttenmacher, Bohatch & Peñaranda, P.A., we ask only that you choose wisely.

How to Contact Us

Located in South Miami, with a satellite office in Key West, Guttenmacher, Bohatch & Peñaranda, P.A. services clients from Palm Beach County to Monroe County, offering fully-bilingual capability. For further information about the firm and a no-obligation consultation, call us at 305-666-1040.

If you wish to make an appointment, please click here to complete a preliminary questionnaire. The information provided will ensure a productive first meeting and will be held in strictest confidence.

About Our Website

This website has been designed to provide a brief overview of the firm, its attorneys and practice areas. On a regular basis, we post new articles addressing matters that impact tax and estate planning. Please check back periodically to stay abreast of the latest developments in these areas, and if you would like to receive our complimentary Guttenmacher, Bohatch & Peñaranda, P.A.

Guttenmacher, Bohatch & Peñaranda, P.A., serving South Florida from Palm Beach to Monroe County

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